Unacceptable Wastes

There are certain waste types that cannot be placed in a mixed waste skip, and certain wastes types if placed in a mixed skip will attract an additional charge due to the high cost of recycling/disposal.  Here you will find a list of those wastes.

Wastes we cannot accept in a skip

Asbestos (fibrous or cement bonded)
Modern fibre cement bonded products (non-asbestos) that visually look like asbestos cement i.e. corrugated or flat sheets, piping etc.
Hazardous Wastes
Clinical wastes or animal carcasses
Toxic or corrosive wastes
Fluorescent light tubes or bulbs
Any liquids, including oils and paints (even in containers)
Food wastes
Farmers silage wrap (plastic sheeting or netting)
Vehicle batteries

Please note, you will be charged extra for all non-conforming wastes deposited in the skip as they have to go through expensive specialist recycling / disposal processes.  If you have a large volume of these waste types a separate service can be provided for their specific disposal – call our skip hire helpdesk on 01664 822797 for further advice.

Wastes we can accept in a skip but at an additional charge

Vehicle tyres (charged per tyre)
Gas canisters & bottles (charged per canister/bottle)
Felt / bitumen roofing (charged by the tonne)
Synthetic playing surfaces such as ‘Astro Turf’ (charged by the tonne)
Heavy rubberised products (charged by the tonne)
Fire damaged or burnt waste including ash (charged by the tonne)
Glass (charged by the tonne)

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

We can now accept WEEE wastes at no extra charge.  If you deposit WEEE waste in your skip please place these items on the top (but not protruding above the sides of the skip) so that they can be easily segragated on arrival at our recycling centre.

Fridges & fridge-freezers (need to be empty and not protruding above the sides of the skip)
Computer and IT equipment
TV’s (cathode ray and LCD)
Large domestic appliances
Small domestic appliances

Special waste collection service

Cement bonded asbestos