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  • Welcome to AE Faulks Ltd

    AE Faulks Ltd is a leading construction plant hire and earthworks company servicing the building/construction industries throughout the Central and East Midlands. Please take the time to browse our website to find out more about our operating divisions.
  • Plant Hire

    We offer a wide variety of operated and self drive plant hire equipment.  Our range includes tracked and wheeled excavators, dozers, dump trucks, site dumpers and compaction equipment.   All our machines are from leading manufacturers and maintained to a high standard.

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    Road Sweeper Hire

    Our modern road sweeper range consists of tractor mounted brushes to high capacity lorry mounted dual sweep Johnston units all customised with reverse cameras, powerful handlance and wanderhose attachments (for gully emptying & removing debris in awkward to reach areas).

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    We have a fleet of steel bodied 8-wheel tippers, with the power capability to move your muck from the most demanding of sites.  With steel bodies we can move demolition waste and oversized hardcore while providing an excellent ‘built for the purpose’ earthmoving lorry.

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    We undertake a variety of earthwork and demolition contracts in the heart of the East Midlands.  Our competitive strength derives from owning our own operated plant and tipper fleet, and by the employment of experienced technical and managerial resources.

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    Skip Hire

    Regretfully, we had to make the difficult decision to close down our skip hire service in April 2018.  All other divisions of AE Faulks Ltd, namely the plant hire, road sweeper hire, tipper hire and contracting businesses are unaffected and will continue to trade as normal.

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    Machinery for Sale

    Looking for high quality used construction machinery and vehicles?  Here you’ll find details and photos of the machinery, vehicles and attachments we currently have for sale, directly from our fleet.  Our current stock includes excavators, road sweepers and recycling equipment.

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    AE Faulks are proud providers of Johnston Sweepers. AE Faulks are proud providers of Thwaites machinery. AE Faulks provide HITACHI machinery. AE Faulks are suppliers of Scania vehicles. AE Faulks supply Volvo industrial vehicles.