Recycled Aggregates & Soils

With the cost of quarried aggregates steadily increasing and the quality of recycled products improving, recycled aggregates are now an excellent cost effective alternative.  We produce a variety of aggregates and soils from our recycling facility for use in construction.  We can deliver in single loads from 1 tonne up to 20t.   For recycled aggregates prices please contact our contracting team on 01664 822797 (option 4).

Screened Hardcore

A large aggregate made up of predominately brick and breeze block size hardcore.  The aggregate has been passed over a screen and picked to remove soils/fines and construction debris i.e. timber, wire, plastics etc.  Used for a base or capping layer in access roads and hard-standing area construction.  Recommended minimum depth of construction is 400mm (depending on ground conditions).  To provide a tight knitted running surface this product needs to be topped off with a smaller aggregate such as road planings.

4 inch Crushed Hardcore

This product is produced by crushing our screened hardcore (see left) to a maximum size of 4″ (100mm).  Used for a base or capping layer in access road or hardstanding area construction.  Recommended minimum depth of construction is 200mm.  Due to its size grading this product can be easily levelled and compacted and forms a relatively tight knitted surface due to the fines content.

Road Planings

An aggregate produced from the milled (planed) surface of a tarmac road.  A very versatile and hard-wearing product that can be easily compacted.  Used in access track and hardstanding area construction.  Ideal for ‘blinding-off’ our screened hardcore to provide a tight-knitted running surface.

Screened Topsoil

Reclaimed topsoils screened to 25mm.  This takes out all oversized stones, debris and vegetation.  Easily raked and levelled – ideal for turfing.  In the winter our screened soils are stored under cover to maintain a dry and easy to handle product.

As Dug Topsoil

An unprocessed topsoil straight from the area of excavation.  Used for large areas of topsoiling.  Not recommended for turfing unless the surface area is large enough to be harrowed to a fine tilth.