Complaints Procedure of  AE FAULKS LTD  (The Company)

We place great importance on providing a high level of service and operating to high standards, but we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. We are sorry if we do not meet your expectations.  In many cases, concerns can arise from a simple misunderstanding which can be dealt with through a conversation. Therefore if you have concerns please speak to us on 01664 822797 (option 3) and we will try to find an amicable solution.  If this does not resolve the issue to your satisfaction then you can follow the procedure below to make a formal written complaint.

Our approach

Our aim is to resolve your complaint quickly, simply and fairly. Disagreements can usually be settled through dialogue and we will endeavour to find an agreeable solution.

Our complaint procedure aims to:

  • be easily available and simple to use;
  • show clearly how your complaint will be dealt with, by whom and when;
  • be impartial;
  • identify ways to avoid future complaints, if appropriate.

Complaint procedure

  1. Your complaint must be submitted by letter to The Company at ‘The Wharf, Main Street, Hickling, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 3AH’ OR by e-mail to
  2. Your complaint should include:
  • A summary of the issue(s), including any evidence supporting your case;
  • Whether you have previously sought to resolve your complaint informally and, if so, with whom and what the outcome was;
  • What you would like us to do about the issue(s) raised; and
  • Your contact details.
  1. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two working days by email (or four working days by post if you have not provided an email address).
  2. Upon receiving a complaint we will ensure that the matter is formally investigated. During the investigation we may need to contact you if any matter needs clarification.
  3. We will provide a written response to your complaint within 10 working days. If a full response is likely to take longer than this, then you will be told why and how long you can expect to wait.
  4. The response will set out the findings, any recommendations/proposals and whether we believe the complaint has been resolved. It will deal with all of the issues that you have raised and set out what we propose to do.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the outcome you can appeal to The Company’s Managing Director (MD) for arbitration. The appeal must be made in writing, explaining the background to your complaint, a history of the process followed and the reasons why you dispute the outcome. The appeal must be received by the MD within four weeks of the date of our response to the formal complaint.
  6. The MD will only review complaints that have followed the procedure described above. The MD will provide a written response to your complaint within 4 weeks. The decision of the MD will be final.

Complaints Procedure variation

The Company may vary the procedure for good reason. This may be necessary to avoid a conflict of interest, for example, a complaint about the MD should not also have the MD as the person leading a complaints process.