Road Sweeper Hire

Road sweepers use robust suction nozzles to keep roads, runways, wide pathways and other access points clean by suppressing dust and debris. With powerful water pumps for impressive cleaning, road sweepers are the perfect vehicle for cleaning up surfaces required for use by vehicles. Road sweepers are recognised for their remarkable efficiency, low-running costs and fantastic manoeuvrability.

From compact road sweepers for street cleaning to high capacity, high-pressure lorry mounted road sweepers for more robust applications; AE Faulks have a diverse range of options for sweeper hire in Lincolnshire, Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, Birmingham and West Midlands.

At AE Faulks we can provide you with road sweeper hire in the West and East Midlands regardless of your requirements. Our road sweepers are available for both long-term and short-term hire, making us the ideal choice for both short projects and contracted long-term projects. Our sweepers are rigorously maintained to the highest standard, ready to use the second they arrive at your site.

You can browse the range of road sweepers for hire from AE Faulks online today and see for yourself what we can offer you – whether you are looking for road sweeper for hire in Derbyshire, Birmingham, Leicestershire or West Midlands, we have you covered.

For road sweeper hire or compact road sweeper hire prices, please contact our hire team on 01664 822797 or you can request an online quote directly.