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Merry Christmas from AE Faulks

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? December is just disappearing before our eyes, soon it’ll be time for presents, wonderful food and glorious evenings in with friends and family as everyone basks in Christmas cheer. We can hardly believe 2018 … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Construction in Winter

We can’t really do anything about the elements and their influence and impact on construction projects. Construction is a year-round occupation; projects don’t suddenly halt just because the weather starts to get bad. Not all construction companies have the luxury … Continue reading

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Excavators: Improving Safe Access and Egress

One of the most common accidents that take place on construction sites are falls from vehicles. In fact, falls represent a third of all accidents involving workplace transport. The Health and Safety Executive confirmed that in 2017/18, 31% of employer-reported … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About Bulldozers

A bulldozer (or just dozer) is a heavy piece of equipment that can be found on many construction sites. It can be characterised by its large, flat blade attached to the front, which can be moved and lifted with its … Continue reading

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