Plant Hire Spotlight: Road Sweepers

At AE Faulks we provide a wide range of construction plant hire throughout the West Midlands and East Midlands.  Our extensive variety of equipment includes operated or self-drive options for machinery like excavators, dozers, dump trucks, road sweepers and tipper lorries.

Today, we’ll be turning the spotlight on one type of vehicle in particular, the road sweeper.  Here’s what you need to know about these vehicles as well as what types of road sweepers that are available to hire from AE Faulks.

Highly Spec'd Sweepers from AE Faulks

Highly Spec’d Sweepers from AE Faulks

How Road Sweepers Work

There are two main design types of truck mounted road sweepers; those that are powered from a single engine and those that use two separate engines to drive the truck chassis and the sweeping functions independently of each other.  Here we will focus on the twin engine design.

The advantage of a twin engine design allows for the best balance of vehicle control and sweeping functionality to suit the application.  The sweeping operation can be paused or stopped easily and the sweep gear lifted without having to disengage a separate drive.

The cleaning operation is undertaken by applying water to the surface via high power spray jets to loosen surface debris (and reduces the amount of dust released into the air from the cleaning operation), scrubbing of the surface using a combination of powerful circular rotating brushes and the collection of the swept debris via vacuum suction boxes up into the body of the sweeper.

Channel Brush with Suction Box Behind

Channel Brush with Suction Box Behind

The Importance of Road Sweepers

Road sweepers are crucial for maintaining running surfaces in a clean and safe state. Here are some of the benefits to road sweeper applications:

  • Safety. Mud and debris on a road not only causes annoyance but potentially an accident, so road sweepers can be useful for clearing such hazardous material while improving road and working area safety.
  • Environmental Care. Sweepers can clear away litter and spillages that can cause environmental contamination and leaves the area looking more attractive and better maintained.
  • Flood Prevention. Debris build-up reduces surface water flow and can be washed into drains causing gully and pipeline blockages.

Road Sweepers from AE Faulks

At AE Faulks, we provide road sweepers that can be used for a range of different purposes. From our compact models that are ideal to handle restricted working area applications such as car park cleaning; or our high-pressure lorry mounted road sweepers suitable for larger open area working such as roadways.  Here’s a look at the models we stock that you can hire from us:

Compact Road Sweeper – Scarab M25H

This compact road sweeper uses a unique brush configuration and powerful suction performance combined with its large hopper and water capacity to make it one of the most versatile small models out there. Its custom-built chassis allows for tight turns with its long-range 40mph top speed so it can sweep not only in congested city centres but also around more remote locations.

Compact Sweeper

Compact Sweeper

The M25H is fitted with side brushes, a wide sweep brush and an additional front brush assembly, all fitted with water nozzles for dust suppression.  This is a full-size sweeper in a compact package.  It provides a powerful yet smooth and controllable drive in both sweep and travel modes, as well as quiet and efficient sweeping and suction performance.

Truck Mounted Sweeper – Johnston Sweepers

Our Johnston road sweeper range includes the dual sweep Johnston VT651 and VT652. All the machines are customised with the latest in safety equipment, including 360 vision camera system, reverse radar with noise alarm, offside and reverse cameras, front and rear strobe lights and beacons and high illumination reverse lights.  We are also currently trialing an auto reverse braking system.

Truck Mounted Sweeper

Truck Mounted Sweeper

With a sweep width of 3600 mm and a clean water tank capacity of up to 1850 litres, the machines include a powerful hand lance and wander hose attachment for removing debris in hard to reach places. The turbo assisted engine simultaneously engages both channel brushes, and the wide-sweep belly brush allows for a much broader single pass clean.  In-cab controls provide safe and easy operation of all the sweep options.

The Johnston road sweepers are ideal for bigger more intensive jobs due to their large size and powerful operation.

In addition to road sweepers for hire, AE Faulks can provide you with a variety of top range plant hire throughout the Midlands including excavators, dozers, dump trucks and tractors available for short or long term hire.   If you’re looking for plant hire in Nottingham, Leicester or other areas in the West Midlands or East Midlands, contact AE Faulks today.