7 Benefits of Plant Hire for Construction Jobs

Plant hire is an extremely common and beneficial practice within the construction industry. At AE Faulks, we have a wide range of operated and self-driven construction equipment suitable for both small and large site operations. Renting machinery as opposed to purchasing your own comes with many considerable benefits, which we have outlined in this article.

Plant Hire

1. Cost-Effective

One of the most enticing reasons to hire rather than buy is the substantial reduction in costs. The initial purchase costs for machinery can be incredibly expensive and taking on loans or hire purchase agreements is not always the best solution; this is because they require regular payments which can impact on your cash flow.

Hiring plant means you only pay for plant when you need it and is far more cost-effective.

If you buy, you will also need to pay for servicing and upkeep on all equipment you own. Renting machinery means it’s up to the plant hire company to maintain and service the equipment, so you don’t have to worry about a thing either – or suffer from downtime because you can’t afford to repair equipment.

Also, plant breakdown will be covered by the plant hire company (unless damage is caused by the hirer), so you won’t be burning money having to repair equipment you own.

In addition, keeping costs low is essential to get the most of a project. The last thing you want is to waste money on purchasing equipment (or on repairing it) and then being left with a lower profit than intended.  Cutting costs – within reason, of course – can be a good thing on projects, so start by getting rid of any unnecessary expense, like buying machinery when you can hire it.

Construction equipment is not cheap. Considering its buying price, potential insurance fees, and any repairs you have to make, you can be out of pocket hundreds or thousands of pounds. So, buying new equipment is an expensive commitment; you need to be absolutely sure that you’re going to see the return on that investment. Use our online Quotation tool to calculate the cost of hiring plant equipment.

2. High-Quality Equipment

To afford to buy machinery yourself, you may have to compromise by buying second-hand equipment to afford the costs. You may end up with a great piece of equipment on your hands, but you may not get so lucky, since the reliability of second-hands goods can be questionable.

When you hire, you avoid this problem. First of all, you know that any equipment you hire has been quality-checked by professionals and is in working order. The machinery also undergoes regular testing and servicing, so it’s also kept in top condition.

Hiring also gives you the chance to get your hands on the highest specification of machinery possible that you otherwise would never be able to afford to buy. Your construction can then benefit from a higher quality of work than you would likely get if you bought your own plant with lower specifications.

In addition to this, it’s also likely that you’re not working on just one project at a time. If you have multiple projects going on, it can be a logistical nightmare, not to mention incredibly expensive, to keep buying equipment for each job. Hiring machinery, on the other hands, allows you to fulfil the requirements of all jobs without incurring massive expenses.

View our quality control policy and see our promise to deliver high-quality equipment.

Plant Hire AE Faulks

3. Large Selection

At a plant hire company like AE Faulks, you’ll have the advantage of being able to choose from a large selection of machinery. Purchasing equipment can mean you’re stuck with what you get and may end up having to use it for jobs it’s not suited for, resulting in subpar work at best and broken, expensive equipment at worst. Hiring equipment allows you to pick from a wide range of different machines for exactly what you need.

This also means you have a large range of products of each category to choose from as well. For example, we have several tracked excavators and site dumpers at your disposal, which means you can select the one that best suits a particular job or site.

4. No Storage Hassle

Not only do you have to fork out for expensive plant equipment when buying yourself, you also need to find adequate storage, which can get expensive too – especially if it’s long term. And, sometimes, you have to store equipment a mere few days after using it, so you’ll be in a rush to get everything stored.

After all, with over £70 million worth of construction equipment stolen from construction sites every year in the UK, you’d need to store the machinery or ensure your site has incredibly tight security to prevent your expensive equipment going missing.

By hiring, you don’t need to worry about where the machinery is going to be stored, it’ll just get delivered to where it needs to go, whether you need plant hire in Birmingham, plant hire in Lincolnshire, or plant hire in Derby.

AE Faulks Plant Hire

5. Comparisons

When renting machinery, you get the chance to see all the different range of equipment side by side in a neat package. You can see exactly what is available and read all the information you need to make an informed decision on which piece of equipment is the most appropriate for your construction project. We make this process even easier with our comparison tool where you get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Considering the different specifications of each machine and the different jobs they can do, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. When you’re hiring instead of buying, you don’t have to be so concerned about making a mistake and getting the wrong machine.

6. Depreciation

When you buy such an expensive piece of equipment, you’re already going to be thinking about eventually selling it, and how much you’ll get for it. Unfortunately, the value of construction equipment plummets the second you pay for it, so you’ll never make back what you initially paid for it. In this regard, these machines are just like cars, which depreciate in value the second you drive it out of the store.

Different pieces of equipment will sell for different prices as well, so, if you end up buying a machine for your project, nothing guarantees it will sell for a good price.  There’s no concern or hassle with this when you hire equipment.

View our environmental policy for our commitment to waste management.

7. Flexibility

Hiring plant gives you the opportunity to be much more flexible with your construction project. If plans change in the middle of a project, you may find you don’t have a piece of equipment needed to finish the job. This can put the entire project on hold whilst you try and find the right kind of equipment.

You may also end up wasting money on buying machinery that it turns out you don’t actually need. By renting construction machinery instead, you have the flexibility to pick and choose what equipment you need, including in the middle of a project if you realise you need something else.

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How Do You Go About Renting Machinery from AE Faulks?

AE Faulks provide a wide variety of high-quality operated and self-driven construction equipment throughout the heart of the Midlands, and it’s easy to rent from us. You can simply pick up the phone and call us on 01664 822797 (option 1) to discuss your requirements, or you can also send us a message by filling out our online form.

Our prices are highly competitive, our machinery is modern and safe, and we supply to a diverse customer base, from civil engineering to building and agricultural sectors.

All of these reasons make renting machinery a great choice for your business. Here at AE Faulks, we provide plant hire services for the building and construction industry so, whether you’re looking for plant hire in Derby, plant hire in Nottingham, or plant hire in Staffordshire we have what you require.

Sometimes, hiring construction equipment is not enough. If this is your case and you do need to buy, browse our machinery for sale to find the right piece of equipment for your needs. Renting is not always the optimal solution for all companies or individuals, so you know what works best for you.

Browse our website to check out the vast range of machines we offer or contact us to learn more about how we can help you. You can also confirm if you’re included in the areas we cover.