Make Short Work of Construction by Upgrading Your Plant Hire Equipment

For many construction businesses, upgrading existing equipment can be prohibitively expensive, with many different types of machinery required for the day-to-day management and construction of the average business. But when it comes to performing work as practically and effectively as possible, having the best plant equipment is a must to ensure your work is performed to the best possible standards.

So what should you upgrade first? Instead of choosing an expensive purchase for your next piece of equipment, you could choose to hire a range of the latest equipment, making your job easier and your work better than ever. Sound like the perfect solution for your business? Here are just a few pieces of plant equipment that might be in need of an upgrade:

Update Your Excavator

One of the most essential elements to any construction job, an Excavator – whether a wheeled or tracked version – is the first thing you want on-sight during demolition and throughout the construction process. With sizes available from a compact 8ft to a formidable 25ft, there’s a style and size of Excavator suitable for your needs, especially for those jobs that need machinery in a variety of sizes and styles to match different locations or terrains.

A new Excavator can open all kinds of windows for your business, from bigger and better jobs to smaller-scale, more detail-oriented work. The great thing about hiring is that you can tailor your machines to the work, ensuring that you have the right tools for the job every time.

AE Faulks Excavator

Go Newer with Your Dozers

An old-fashioned Dozer just doesn’t have the capabilities a modern construction site needs and the high level of efficiency, versatility and practicality that a modern Dozer can provide, can cut hours off your construction projects, creating a neater finish and improving trimming or bulk excavations easily.

From GPS capabilities to tools and equipment that can we swapped and changed, a new Dozer can offer so much more to your business. Not only does it allow you to do more, the smaller cost of hiring can provide you with the means to increase or reduce the number of machines on a per-job basis.

Upgrade Your Dump Trucks

The backbone of excavation and construction work, the dump truck is the workhorse of the site; and as such, a properly functioning, practical and fuel-efficient truck is a must to ensure that everything is running like clockwork. Choosing to introduce newer dump trucks, suitable for multiple terrains, is an excellent way to improve your productivity on a day-to-day basis, as well as being easier to use and quicker for training purposes.

If your dump truck is starting to look past its sell-by date, the risk of it breaking down is higher than ever. By opting for newer machines on hire, you can ensure that your business can keep on going, without delays or breakdowns.

Thwaites 6t Dumper

Get Compact with Mini and Micro Diggers

Specialised or small-scale equipment is often the most overlooked for the construction site, but for many jobs, they’re a must. Choosing to hire compact pieces of machinery such as Mini and Micro Diggers will provide the versatility you need to get even the delicate or space-sensitive work done, without the cost of purchase.

With these machines being more likely to be unused between specific jobs, there’s more chance that owned equipment will simply age out sat in a warehouse or rust up in a yard; choosing to hire offers you the freedom of newer, better-quality machinery for less – ready and waiting for you when you need it.

Add Rollers to Your Arsenal

If you’re working with a separate contractor for the use of Rollers on tarmac and stone, then you already know the additional costs this can add onto construction work. If you’re considering bringing Rollers in-house, or you’re simply in need of an upgrade when it comes to the equipment you use, choosing to upgrade to new Rollers by hiring can provide you with an easy solution.

If you’re considering hire for your plant equipment, we have the machines to help you get the job done. Contact us today to find out more about our plant hire in Nottingham and other areas in the West and East Midlands.