Recycling Your Waste

In 2015, we recycled 89.9% of the waste we received at our recycling facility. Why do we invest so much into ensuring that much of your waste is recycled?

Well, at AE Faulks we are committed to the protection of the environment through the implementation of an effective waste management programme. We adopt the principles of best practicable environmental option in the delivery of our waste management services by reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering waste products in favour of them ending up in a landfill. We recognise the importance of complying with the Duty of Care under the Environmental Protection legislation to manage our waste responsibly. Here’s why waste recycling is so important:

Landfill is Not the Answer

Landfills are an unpleasant part of modern society. As we throw away more and more every year, adding to the top of the pile of unwanted food, electronics, plastics and pretty much anything else that people throw in the bin, the problem of excessive waste is only getting worse. The number of available landfills in the UK has dropped dramatically over the years, due to the perceived future solutions for waste management meaning that the waste management industry does not invest in new landfills. This could cause disproportional effects across the country, with some experts warning of a ‘landfill tourism’, as waste has to travel across the UK in order to be dealt with.

With ever growing landfills, this option is just not viable anymore. Simply put, we are running out of space!

People Holding Recycling Symbol

Good for the Economy

The production of recycled goods uses less energy than sourcing the naturally occurring materials, and this creates a trickle effect of cost effective benefits for the country as a whole. When industries use recycled materials as opposed to having to mine the natural resources themselves, they spend less and, in theory, this can drive down the costs of goods as they become cheaper to produce.

Recycling has also become an industry of its own, creating many new jobs that wouldn’t exist without a greater demand for recycled products as well as recycled resources to create these products in the first place. The industry is constantly finding innovative ways to use recycled materials, and as time goes on there is only going to be a more growing demand for recycling facilities as this industry booms.

Planning for the Future

We all know that excessive waste is bad for the environment. Not only do non-degradable products find their way into nature where they can cause an awful lot of damage – it’s estimated that 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year – the production of new products uses a huge amount of energy. This use of energy can be decreased when products are recycled, improving pollution levels and helping to conserve the planet for future generations.

At AE Faulks, we are committed to recycling waste. You can choose the ‘green’ option when you choose us and be confident in the knowledge that we will do all that we can to avoid excess landfill waste.

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