The World’s Best Waste Management Innovations

If you are looking for the best tipper hire Nottingham has to offer, then there is a good chance that waste management might be high up on your list of priorities. As technology has developed, waste management specialists have developed an increasing number of ways to use waste for the greater good.

Here are some of the most remarkable waste management schemes to have surfaced in recent years:

Using Waste as Renewable Energy

Waste sent to landfills can produce a lot of methane, which contributes significantly to global warming. Fortunately, there are ways of using waste materials and the gasses emitted in more positive ways. These include the transformation of organic waste materials into fertilisers which can be used in agriculture. This can be done with a range of biological treatment technologies which are anaerobic. Landfill gas recovery is another way of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gasses, which converts methane into usable energy. This energy can be transformed into electricity to power the neighbourhoods.

Biofuel is another way in which waste can be used to solve some of the world’s problems, including rocketing prices for fossil fuels. It works by turning organic matter into solid, gas or liquid fuels that can be used to power vehicles.

Recycle Symbol Green Leaves

Sorting Technology

Sorting technology has become increasingly important, with the growth of recycling programmes across the world. Even with the best efforts to separate different kinds of waste into the correct containers, there will always be some crossover. There are now water-based technologies, which are able to sort mixed waste fed through a single stream; targeted air jets are another way of dividing waste into correct categories, and there are even technologies now which can sort paper waste according to the quality of paper.

Tackling Cigarette Butts

In the area of consumer waste management, cigarette butts still represent a large share of the everyday waste collected from our streets. There are now recycling programmes, specifically designed around cigarette waste, that are capable of composting butts and using the cellulose acetate filters for industrial plastic products. The Canadian city of Vancouver has led the way in tackling this particular waste stream.

Biodegradable Plastics

Plastics may have developed a bad name when it comes to commercial waste, but there are now biodegradable plastics available, made from bio-based resins, which can be used in car production and electrical components. These come from resins such as polylactic acid, which rely on other technologies for composting them once they have been used. Let’s hope the number of these municipal sites increases over the next few years, allowing for these solutions to be effective and relevant.


One winning formula for consumer waste management might have been found by the Indian town of Alappuzha. This unique location in southern India, which features a network of lagoons and canals, has divided up waste management responsibilities between a hundred or so wards that are able to effectively dispose of its 58 tonnes of waste a day. It is reported that some 80 percent of the homes there have their own biogas plants, as well as a decentralised composting system, easing the strain on the authorities while doing their bit for the environment. The project, named Nirmala Bhavanam Nirmala Nagaram, or Clean Homes Clean City, has been running since 2012.

As you can see, the number of ways which we can manage waste around the world, both in the commercial and consumer sphere, is growing. Thanks to modern technologies, we are increasingly able to take waste management to a new level of efficiency.

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