Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Skip

You’re undertaking a project that is going to create a substantial amount of waste; it’s not enough to warrant the hire of a tipper truck but it’s more than you can manage on your own. The best solution for your requirements is to look into skip hire.

There are a number of things that you must consider when you commit to hiring and using a skip. Here are just a few:

Filled Skip

Will You Require a Skip Permit?

If applicable to your situation, having a skip permit or a skip licence is the most important thing to ensure you have in place. Using a skip on your own property, including your driveway, means that you don’t need to have a licence as it is your private land. On the other hand, you are required to apply for a permit if your hired skip is going to be positioned on a public road or pavement.

It is beneficial to arrange your permit as far in advance as possible because councils have been known to apply additional charges to short notice applications. You must also ensure that your licence covers the entire duration that your skip is going to be on a road or pavement. If you get caught out without the right length of time on your permit, you’re likely to be hit with a fine.

Some skip hire companies will cover the cost of a permit in the price they quote you, but take care to check!

What Size Skip do You Need?

This one is completely dependent on you and the project that you are undertaking. Sometimes it is difficult to estimate how much waste is going to come out of a clearance or construction project, but it will pay for you to take a bit of time to work out roughly how much there will be so you can hire the perfect sized skip.

If you produce too much waste for your chosen skip, you’re going to have to get another one which you may only fill halfway and will be an unnecessary extra cost. Head to our ‘skip sizes’ page for more information about the different sizes available and what amounts of waste they can hold.

We Can Help!

If you have any questions that you need answering or if you simply want to arrange a skip hire Oakham or Melton Mowbray service, please contact the AE Faulks skip hire team today on 01664 822797.