Top Tips for Hiring Skips

Hiring a skip for the first time? Read through these top tips for hiring skips to make sure you’re adhering to all the rules.

Where Will You Put It?

You’ll need your skip close to the property you’ll be loading it from, but there are a couple of things to consider. If you need to place the skip on public land, like a road, then you will need a skip permit. Usually, the skip hire company can apply for this on your behalf. If you have a driveway or private land then you will not need a permit.

Will it Damage the Ground?

Skips can become very heavy, so damage to a driveway is a real possibility. Adding wooden boards or stabilising equipment beneath the skip can alleviate this problem.

Is it Accessible?

It is easy to think first and foremost about ease of access for loading, but remember that the skip needs to get in and out too. Make sure the location you have in mind is accessible for the delivery truck or you may have to change plans.

Will it be Big Enough?

Remember that overfilling a skip is illegal. It is important to ensure the skip you order is big enough for the job. Skips are measured in yards and as a general rule 1 yard is equivalent to 10 bin bags of rubbish.

How Do you Load It?

It seems like a silly question, but correct loading will help you to get more waste in and make the load more secure. Adding large or heavy items at the bottom means you can put the lighter items on top. Not only is this easier, but the lighter items will also compact down and fill the gaps.

What Can’t Go in the Skip?

There are quite a lot of items that you cannot put in your skip. Make sure you check what the skip company is able to take before you load it up. Getting a fridge back out from the bottom is no easy task!

Where Can I find a Reliable Supplier?

Looking for skip hire in Oakham or skip hire in Melton Mowbray? We can help.

A reliable skip company that can help with guidance and prompt delivery will make a big difference to your project and help to get the job done. Contact us today for more information.