Waste Management on a Construction Site

All construction sites must be kept in ‘good order’ according to government legislation, as well as clean. It is a general objective that things should have good housekeeping on the site.

Waste management, then, is an important aspect of this so-called housekeeping. As well as planning and monitoring all work to ensure that this is maintained across projects. Effective storage of materials is also an important aspect of keeping your site above board, alongside the important waste management.

Storing Materials

Coordination is an important part of ensuring that all materials are stored in a safe and orderly fashion during the project. This is important among not only contractors, suppliers, traders, but also the clients as well. Miscommunication can cause serious issues for this effort and so clarity should be aimed for in all things.

Having a dedicated area for material storage prior to the project beginning should be agreed upon between client and construction team. For larger scale projects, this should be a part of the phase plan.

Remember to designate storage areas for usable materials, equipment, waste and other more corrosive or flammable materials. For safety reasons, some of these may need to be kept as far away from each other as possible. It is also important to keep all of this storage as far away from pedestrian footfall as possible, particularly if there is no official cordoning area for the project. Keeping materials in storage tidy is also an important part of this as if they spill out into these pedestrian areas it can become extremely dangerous.


Waste Management

Legislation regarding proper onsite waste disposal is as important to a work site as the safety protocols. Especially as there is a huge range, from low-risk waste to the much more troublesome hazardous waste. The Environmental Agency governs these policies and so it is important to ensure you are up to code.

This includes ensuring all waste produced is disposed of in a timely manner, which must be the responsibility of a specific person to guarantee it occurs, movable bins or chutes should also be provided for quick waste disposal in buildings or smaller sites.


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